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We do not offer student housing at the school. If you would like to find a homestay with an American family, we recommend applying at one of the programs listed below:

If you are interested in renting your own place, there are many apartments within walking distance of the school. The monthly rent can vary greatly from $750 (if renting a room) to $2000 (if you choose an upscale apartment). Please use discretion when sharing personal information through any housing website. Some good websites for finding apartments include:

There are a few different student dormitories available near the school. They normally cost $950 and up per month and include furniture. A couple websites for the student dormitories are: 

If you are looking for a short-term option, the 11th Avenue Hostel is located within walking distance from the school. They have weekly and monthly rates for both private and bunk rooms.  See their website for more information: