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Intensive English Program
for Transfer Students

Transferring from another SEVP-approved ESL school in the United States?

 We issue acceptance letters and transfer forms, which students send to their current school’s Designated School Official (DSO) in order to request a transfer of their SEVIS record to Colorado School of English.  


Start Dates & 
Program Lengths

Colorado School of English is an open-enrollment school. We have term start dates every 4 weeks. Transfer students are required to start classes on the next available term start date following the transfer of their SEVIS record to our school.

Students can study with us for up to 3 years in order to reach their English-language goals. 

We have 4 sessions per year. Each session is 12 weeks long.

Full-time Schedule

F1 students are required to attend class full-time (18 hours per week, Monday - Thursday).

Each of our classes is divided by skill level, allowing for smaller class sizes and more personalized instruction.

Classes are Monday through Thursday

  • Reading & Writing                               9:30 am – 10:55 am

  • Grammar                                                11:05 am – 12:30 pm

  • Speaking & Listening                         1:05 pm – 2:30 pm

    • or TOEFL Preparation (advanced level students only) 

It is possible for a student to pass from one level to the next after one session (12 weeks), depending on the student's skill level, grades, and attendance.


We also have optional weekly activities 

Application Process

  • Complete application

  • Pay CSE fees (application fee and first term of tuition)

  • Receive acceptance letter and transfer request form

  • Bring/send documents to the DSO at your current school (they will transfer your record)

  • Receive Initial I-20 from CSE

  • Take placement tests to determine your English level

  • Start classes on the next available start date after we receive your SEVIS record

  • Attend orientation at CSE & receive Active I-20

Required Documents

  • Copy of bank statement (less than 6 months old)

    • Statement must show $1,600 for every month the student would like to study

    • Affidavit of support, if the bank statement does not have student's name on it (included in the application)

  • A legible and valid copy of student's passport

  • A copy of student's F-1 visa

  • A copy of student's most recent I-20

  • Signed “Part One” of the Transfer Form

Hybrid Classes

We are currently offering a hybrid program. That means our classes are available both online and in-person. Students can choose when they want to come in person and when they want to join online at home. 


If students plan to take classes online, they will need to have a laptop/computer/tablet that can access Zoom. They will also need to have a webcam and a microphone to interact and communicate with teachers and classmates.


F1 students arriving from out of the country after March 2020 are required to attend at least some of their classes in-person, as per SEVP regulations

Hybrid class Graphic (2).png
Image by Logan Bonjean

Tuition & Fees

  • CSE application fee (F1)                       $75

  • CSE application fee (F2)                      $40

  • Tuition per term* (1 term = 4 weeks)              $675

*Current promotional rate due to COVID-19

Textbooks are available for purchase at CSE or online. All other learning materials will be provided electronically via the student management system, ClassReach.

CSE is the place to learn English and the school is affordable!"

Dita Martinsone

All teachers are very dedicated, professional, and very patient. "

Victoria Aguilar

It is a high quality school to learn English. Since the beginning all the people of CSE have been very polite and helpful."
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