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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you issue form I-20's?

Yes. We are certified the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP). We issue acceptance letters and form I-20's to qualified international students. Students then take these documents to their visa appointments when they apply for an F1 (international student) visa in their country of residence.

What is your refund policy?

Cancellation & Refund Policy *Please go to GOOGLE TRANSLATE to translate the refund policy below in your language. General Requirements: If Colorado School of English (CSE) cancels any class, all monies paid by the student will be refunded. Due to ACCET’s refund policy, students are requested, but not required, to submit written notification of withdrawal as a condition of processing a refund. In the event that no notice of withdrawal is provided (written or verbal), CSE will automatically administratively withdraw a student after s/he has been absent for a maximum of 30 consecutive calendar days (excluding any scheduled breaks) and complete a refund calculation, processing any refunds to or on behalf of the student. In the event an agent was involved during the application process and payment of tuition, the refund may be made on behalf of the student to the agent. Students who applied through an agent but paid their own tuition, will receive the same refund listed less any commission fees paid to the agent. Prorated refunds will be calculated on a weekly basis. Partial attendance during any week will be counted as completion of a whole week provided that the student was present at some point during the scheduled week. CSE is obligated to make refunds to students who are terminated due to violation of CSE’s written, disciplinary and/or attendance policies or local, state, or federal law. Prospective students that have their visa application denied will be refunded all monies paid by the student to the school less non-refundable items. Refund Due Dates: Students that cancel their enrollment prior to the start of classes and are due a refund will be refunded within 45 calendar days of the first scheduled day of class or the date of cancellation, whichever is earlier. Students that are enrolled and attending classes and are due a refund will be refunded based on their last date of attendance and within 45 days of the documented date of determination (DOD), which is either the date a written/verbal withdrawal was submitted by the student, the date CSE administratively withdraws the student, or the date a student is terminated by CSE due to attendance, conduct or student progress policy violations. In the event the student provides advanced notice of withdrawal from classes 45 days or more in advance of their last day of attendance, then any refund due to the student shall be paid within 45 days from the last date of attendance (LDA). In other words, refunds are calculated from the last date of attendance (LDA). Non-refundable items:

  • The School Application Fee is non-refundable. ($150.00 - $75.00 - $35.00 - $25.00 depending on the program selected).
  • The Re-enrollment Fee is non-refundable. ($25.00).
  • Once books have been received by the student, they are non-refundable (Grammar $60.00 and TOEFL $50.00).
  • The Express Mailing Fee is non-refundable ($120.00).
  • The I-20 Extension Fee is non-refundable. ($50.00)
*Non-refundable fees cannot exceed a total of $500.00. Calculation of refund during or before the student’s 1st term (4 weeks) at CSE:
  • Cancellation by the student or the institution and no attendance in any classes (non F-1 student):
    • Full refund, less non-refundable items
  • Cancellation by the student and no attendance in any classes (F-1 students with a new I-20 issued by Colorado School of English):
    • Full refund, less non-refundable items and first term tuition (4 weeks)
  • Withdrawal by the student during or after the first week of class:
    • Full refund, less non-refundable items and first term tuition (4 weeks)
Calculation of refund during the 2nd and subsequent terms:
  • Cancellation by the student and no attendance in any classes:
    • All tuition for current term refunded
  • Cancellation by the student and attendance during part or all of the 1st week only:
    • All tuition paid for current term, less one week’s tuition refunded
  • Cancellation by the student and attendance during part or all of the 1st and 2nd weeks only:
    • All tuition paid for current term, less two week’s tuition refunded
  • Cancellation by the student and attendance past the 2nd week:
    • No refund
Private Tutoring:
  • Cancellation by the student 24 hours or more before scheduled private tutoring session:
    • Refund or reschedule
  • Cancellation by the student less than 24 hours before scheduled private tutoring session:
    • No refund, no rescheduling
  • If the student arrives 20 minutes or more after the start time of their lesson, the lesson will be cancelled for the day, but the student will be charged at the full rate.
Au Pair Program:
  • Cancellation by the student after the program begins, invalidates the discounted tuition when purchasing six credits at one time:
    • Excluding the first credit (4 weeks), each credit completed will be assessed at the $100 per credit rate up until the mid-point of the program. Once a student’s attendance occurs after the mid-point, no refund will be issued to the student.
  • Cancellation by the student necessitates proof of attendance and the attendance record will be used to assess the number of credits completed.
  • If an au pair does not complete her/his program in the allotted time, the au pair must re-enroll if they would like to continue studying. Re-enrollment in a program of study will incur a $25.00 re-enrollment fee, which will offer an au pair 4 additional weeks to complete their program.
Important Note Regarding Registration and Tuition:
  • Registration fees are due: at the time an I-20 is created for F1 students or before the start of classes for non F-1 students.
  • If the student is already in possession of an F1 visa (e.g. a transfer-in student enrolled at another institute within the United States) and requests to transfer into CSE, tuition and registration must be paid at the time a transfer into CSE is approved for registration of courses. Furthermore, if the student has requested that CSE originate the I-20 on the student’s behalf, registration and applicable mailing fees are due prior to the time of issuance. After the I-20 has been shipped to the student, and once the F1 Visa has been issued, tuition is then due.
  • Tuition should be paid prior to commencement of classes.
  • Students may be expelled without notification, if payments are not made on time and/or if students do not comply with CSE’s attendance, conduct, or student progress policy.
  • Please note that expulsion from the school may result in termination of the student’s I-20.
  • If you have any concerns regarding payment and/or termination, please contact Colorado School of English immediately.
  • The Cancellation and Refund Policy will remain in effect for the duration of the student’s attendance at Colorado School of English.
  • The Cancellation and Refund Policy is available upon request.
Late Payment Policy, rev. 11.25.20
  • A late fee of $50.00 will be assessed for tuition payments not paid by 5 pm on the first Sunday following the due date.
  • If a student does not satisfy their tuition payments (including late fee) by 5 pm on the second Sunday following the due date, they will be locked out of their ClassReach account. This will bar the student from attending classes and the student will begin accruing absences. For F1 students, if you are locked out of classes for failure to pay your tuition in a timely manner, you risk having your Form I-20 Terminated for non-compliance with CSE's tuition payment policy
  • If a student has a history of late payments, the administration reserves the right to lock the student out of their ClassReach account within one day of non-payment after the due date. A notification email will be sent to the student documenting their history of late payment. This notice will void the one week grace period described in the previous section.

I certify the information provided above is correct and I confirm my registration to Colorado School of English. I have read and understood the following:

  • The Cancellation and Refund Policy.
  • That Colorado School of English does not offer health care coverage.
  • That I am responsible for obtaining health insurance.
  • That health insurance coverage is mandatory for the duration of my studies at CSE.
  • That if the main purpose of my visit to the USA is to attend CSE, I will have to apply for a student (F-1) visa.
Definitions of key terminology based on ACCET Doc. 31.ESOL Cancellation: A student who never attends classes at the institution after enrolling and informs the institution in advance. Mid-Point of Program: This date occurs after 50% of the time period allotted has passed. No Show: A student who never attends class at the institution after enrolling and does not inform the institution. Note that the ACCET policy treats no shows exactly the same as cancellations. Withdrawal: A student who has attended at least one class at the intuition, but does not complete the program s/he sign up to take. Termination: A type of withdrawal initiated by the institute due to failure of the student to meet one or more institutional policies. Date of Determination (DOD): The date: (1) the student gives notice of withdrawal to the institution, (2) the institution administratively withdraws the student, as identified in the description* directly below taken from the ACCET Doc. 31.ESOL, #7, (3) the date the institution terminates the student due to the student’s failure to adhere to the institution’s attendance, conduct, and/or student progress policy According to ACCET Doc. 31.ESOL, #7 - In the event that no notice of withdrawal (written or verbal) is provided, an institute must automatically administratively withdraw a student after s/he has been absent for a maximum of 30 consecutive days (excluding any schedule breaks of the institution) and complete a refund calculation, processing and refunds to or on behalf of the student. Last Date of Attendance (LDA): The final date the student attends class. Period of Financial Obligation: The training period for which a student legally obligated to pay (e.g month, term, or session), which may be less than the total period of enrollment, if tuition is charged in smaller increments, such as by the month, term, and/session. Under no circumstance may a period of financial obligation exceed a 12-month period.

When can I start classes?

We are an open enrollment school. Students can start classes on any Monday.

Are you near public transportation?

Yes. We are two blocks from the Convention Center/Theatre Station stop and also two blocks off the 16th Street Mall which connects to Union Station. We are also near the newly built bus terminal in downtown Denver.

Are you accredited?

Yes. We have been a nationally accredited school since 1998. Our accrediting body is ACCET, which stands for Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training. They are recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. To read more about ACCET, please go to their website at

What documents do I need to apply for an F1 visa?

1. A copy of your bank statement in English (less than 6 months old). Your statement must show $1600 for every month you would like to study. 2. An Affidavit of Support (if your bank statement does not have your name on it). 3. A legible and valid color copy of the picture page of your Passport.

Can you help me gain admission to a university or college?

Yes! Our Pathways Program can help students achieve their goal of studying at an American university or college.

Colorado School of English has an agreement with multiple universities and community colleges throughout the area. Students who study at Colorado School of English and meet the following qualifications have the opportunity to receive a letter of recommendation from our Academic Director to bypass the TOEFL or IELTS test requirements for English proficiency when applying to select local schools. Students must:

1. Complete the highest-level courses in all subject areas (Reading & Writing, Grammar, Speaking & Listening).

2. Pass the Completion Exams in all subject areas with a qualifying score of 85% or above.

3. Maintain attendance requirements and good student conduct.

Colorado School of English has an agreement with the following schools:

Community College of Denver, Columbia College, Colorado Mesa University, Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design, Colorado Mesa University, University of Texas at Tyler, Seminole State College, and University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

Do you offer student health insurance?

CSE doesn't offer health insurance to its students. However, there are international student health insurance brochures from International Student Insurance at the front desk that are available for students who don't have coverage. You can contact them directly using the following information:

Will you help me find housing?

We do not offer student housing at the school. If you would like to find a homestay with an American family, we recommend applying at one of the programs listed below:

If you are interested in renting your own place, there are many apartments within walking distance of the school. The monthly rent can vary greatly from $750 (if renting a room) to $2000 (if you choose an upscale apartment). Please use discretion when sharing personal information through any housing website. Some good websites for finding apartments include: There are a few different student dormitories available near the school. They normally cost $950 and up per month and include furniture. A couple websites for the student dormitories are: If you are looking for a short-term option, the 11th Avenue Hostel is located within walking distance from the school. They have weekly and monthly rates for both private and bunk rooms. See their website for more information:

What COVID-19 precautions are you taking?

We are following all of the guidance related to COVID-19 safety issued by the State of Colorado. In addition, we have also chosen to implement further safety measures. These include:

  • All of the staff at CSE are fully vaccinated.
  • All students who wish to attend in-person classes are required to have a minimum of one dose (one shot) of a COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccines are readily available throughout Colorado and walk-in appointments can be made at most pharmacies [click here to find a vaccination location].
  • All students who are not fully vaccinated (i.e. have not received all required doses of a COVID-19 vaccine) must always wear a mask while in the school building.
  • Once a student receives their 2nd or final dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, they must wait for 14 days before removing their mask while in the school building.
  • If a student is not fully vaccinated and has recently entered the United States or has flown on a commercial airline, they may not attend in-person classes for 14 days following their arrival. If a student wants to attend in-person classes sooner, they may get a COVID-19 test which shows a negative result and provide that as evidence to CSE. [The CDC and State of Colorado recommend waiting at least 4 days after travel prior to getting a COVID-19 test]. Click here to find a testing location.
If a student would like to remove their mask while in the school building, they can show evidence of their COVID-19 vaccine status by providing the school with a copy of their vaccine card. *** The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has announced a new Order for all air passengers traveling to the United States. Effective November 8, 2021, all non-immigrant, non-citizen air travelers to the United States will be required to be fully vaccinated and to provide proof of vaccination status prior to boarding an airplane to the United States. [source]