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Meet Our Staff


Jason & Sarah

Owners & Directors

We have been working in Education for over twenty years. Jason has a Bachelor's degree in English Literature from Northern Arizona University and has completed Master's level coursework in TESL from St. Cloud State University. Sarah has a BA in Business Administration and an MA in Multicultural and Transnational Literature. We both have experience teaching in the U.S. in private programs and at community colleges and we also taught at a university in South Korea for six years. We love being at CSE and interacting with international students on a daily basis. 

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Office Manager
Substitute Instructor

I grew up north of Boulder on a 5-acre farm and got my B.A. in International Affairs from CU Boulder. I have lived in the U.S., Germany, France, Colombia, and Ecuador in the last decade both for my studies and for work. Before starting at CSE, I worked as an ESL teacher for many years so I am always happy to step into the classroom as a substitute when needed. I love spending every day at work helping our students achieve their goals and using the languages I speak (Spanish, German, & French).  Learning another language opens new doors and provides a fresh perspective on the world so I am thrilled to be able support people on this life changing journey!



Student Services Coordinator
Au Pair Coordinator

As a travel enthusiast, aspiring linguist, and supreme nerd of all things international and intercultural, I am very happy to be working for CSE. I grew up in the Mountains of Colorado before going to Colorado State University where I studied international studies and industrial/organizational psychology. I also studied and then worked in China as an English teacher for a few years where I got to visit many places around south east Asia. I am now back in my beautiful home state of Colorado, and thrilled to be helping international students during their adventures in the States. You will find me at the front desk (most likely with coffee in hand), happy to swap stories and chat about your experiences. 




Working in education has been a long-life passion of mine. It has given me exposure and introduced me to many cultures, languages, and nationalities. I am lucky to be multicultural myself. I grew up between Denver and Sudan where I experienced a mix of languages and lifestyles. Being bilingual in Arabic and English has given me the opportunity to bring people together and help others on the same path of transitioning and learning a new language. I have a BA from the University of Colorado Denver in International Studies and Political Science along with a TEFL Certificate. I have experience teaching in South Korea as well as online internationally. My lifelong goal is to keep following my passion for teaching and to travel to every country in the world. Educating you is something I am honored to do.

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I grew up near San Francisco and studied English Literature in Los Angeles. After that, I joined the Peace Corps. They sent me to a small town in Ukraine where I taught English to students of all ages. After a few years working in the U.S., I felt like I wanted to go abroad again. I thought I would just go for a year, little did I know that decision would considerably change my life. I fell in love with teaching and one year turned into ten away from home. I received a teaching certificate and spent the last five and a half years teaching some of the best high school students in Korea. I've lived in three countries and five states and now feel so lucky to have found a home in Denver at the Colorado School of English. 

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My whole life I’ve been fascinated by language, and by the different ways that people and cultures use language to express themselves. But it took a haphazard trip to Colombia to make me realize that this was what I wanted to dedicate my career to. In Colombia I went on my own language learning journey, and ended up spending 7 years living and working in Bogotá. Today I’m passionate about sharing with my students that same experience, and I hope that learning English might also open them up to new worlds of music, art, movies and thinking. I have a BA in English literature from Boston College, and a Celta certificate for teaching English. I’m always happy to discuss books, travel plans, or nerdy grammar topics with students. On the weekends you can usually find me somewhere in the mountains climbing on some rocks. 


Teacher Eli /yilai/ is always ready for adventure. He joined the Air Force in 2001 and has lived in nearly a dozen U.S. states, but calls Oregon home. Living in East Asia inspired Eli to learn Chinese. He went back to college and eventually earned a degree in linguistics and also completed a two-year program in teaching English. Then in 2015, Eli and his wife Wren boarded a one-way flight to Beijing. After traveling China by train for several months, Eli landed in Taipei where he taught business and academic English and worked as a translator for several years. In 2018, Eli and Wren returned to the United States and he earned a Master’s in Asian Studies at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Finally, in the summer of 2022, Eli moved to Colorado for the more relaxed culture and BIG nature. Eli believes that classrooms should be FUN first and that students must master the basics of grammar and vocabulary in order to become confident enough to continue their studies for the rest of their lives. When he is not working, Eli can be found camping in the mountains, at a Star Trek convention or Renaissance Festival, or on his couch drinking tea and playing video games. 



Teacher and Blackboard

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We are located in the heart of Downtown Denver just steps away from major transport hubs.

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