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Intensive English Program
Change of Status 

We issue acceptance letters and form I-20s to eligible international students who want to apply for a Change of Status. We do highly recommend working with an immigration lawyer during this process.


Tuition & Fees

  • COS Sponsorship Fee                                                                           $325

  • CSE application fee (F1)                                                                         $175

  • CSE application fee (F2)                                                                         $85

    • F2 visas are only for a student’s spouse and/or children​

  • 2024 Tuition (every 4 weeks of study)                                              $770

  • Annual Resource Fee (paid once per year)                                       $75

Students do not pay tuition

Until their Change of Status is approved

*Note: pricing is subject to change without notice

COS Students will receive a $75 discount on the first 3 tuition payments of their program.


As a full-time student, F1 visa holders take 18 hours of classes per week. Students take 3 classes per day, Monday through Thursday.

  • Reading & Writing                                

  • Grammar                                                

  • Speaking & Listening   

    • or TOEFL Preparation (advanced level students only) 


Each of our classes is divided by skill level, allowing for smaller class sizes and more personalized instruction. Students are enrolled in a track, depending on their current English levels and class size.

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Start Dates 

Colorado School of English is an open-enrollment school. We have term start dates every 4 weeks. Once the Change of Status is approved by USCIS, students must start classes at the next available start date.

We have 4 sessions per year. Each session is 12 weeks long.

Program Lengths

Students can choose how long they would like to study at CSE.  Depending on their current English level, they can study with us for up to 3 years in order to reach their English language goals. 

Students pass from one level to the next after one session, depending on their academic standing.


Application Process

  • Complete the Colorado School of English application at

  • Pay the CSE fees.

  • Receive the acceptance letter and I-20.

  • Submit a Change of Status (COS) application to USCIS at and pay their associated fees,

    • I-539 fee ($420).

    • SEVIS I-901 fee ($350) at hps://

    • Biometrics fee ($85).

  • Wait in the US for notice from USCIS.

  • When an approval notice is received from USCIS, students must start classes at the next available start date.

  • Attend orientation at CSE & and take the placement test to determine your current English levels.

  • Start classes and receive your Active I-20.

Required Documents

  • Copy of your Passport

    • If you have dependents, we will need a photo of their passports as well.

  • A copy of your current I-94

  • A copy of your current Visa

    • The visa must be at least 30 days from expiring.

  • Bank Statement

    • Issued within the last six months

    • Showing $1,600 per month that you wish to study with us.

      • If you would like to study for 6 months, your bank statement must show a minimum of $9,600 total; for 12 months, you must show a minimum of $19,200 total.

      • If your dependents would like to apply for an F-2 visa, we require an additional $850 per dependent per month. 

    • If you are being sponsored by a third party, please be prepared to submit the sponsoring party’s financial information and address on the application.

"I highly recommend CSE for anyone seeking not just language improvement but also valuable support in academic pursuits."

Liudmila Puehse

"At CSE you will definitely improve your English skills, learn a lot about English grammar, American culture, Colorado and etc., and here you can also make new friends."

Habibrahman ghafari

"Colorado School of English is the best school in Colorado, and the teachers with a lot of experience, the best English language school I have ever seen."
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