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Why Study Abroad in Colorado?

I know, there are so many places where you could learn English as an international student. So why come to Colorado?  I am a local Coloradan. I've lived and studied abroad myself, and now I am back in my home state working with international students here at the Colorado School of English. Here are some of my favorite things about living here. 

The weather is never boring.

Colorado has sunshine most days of the year, while still having distinct seasons throughout the year. But don't let those pleasant facts lead you to think that Colorado’s weather is simple and straightforward. Oh no, you never know what you're going to see when you look out your window first thing in the morning.  Yesterday you may have gone paddle boarding on Cherry Creek reservoir, but today you'll need your snow boots and a heavy coat.

You get a taste of both city life and country life.

Coloradans are still deciding if they want to live the city life or the Country Life. Some distinct groups and areas have made their claim as either city-goers or country folk. But you are welcome to experience the best of both worlds here in Colorado.

The nightlife thrives in downtown, where you can spot the snazziest cars and street fashion. But you can also pop over to the boot barn where you can find all manner of leather goods, and then visit the Grizzly Rose dancehall where you can try out line dancing with your new cowboy boots.

I myself love my sky-rise apartment in Denver and I love working downtown where there's so much to see and do. But I also love going to the Denver stock show every year where I can see the rodeo and wish I had a dozen horses and 20 acres of land to farm on.

 The Mountains!!!

Our beautiful Rocky Mountains are the pride and joy of Colorado. They guarantee a fantastic weekend away whenever you need it. I highly recommend booking an Airbnb cabin and spending a weekend with a few friends in one of the many Colorado mountain towns.

Hiking, rock climbing, snowboarding, Mountain biking, nature photography, you name it. There is always something fun to do up there.

International food.

I dare say, Coloradans don't have much to boast about in terms of local cuisine. We do have Rocky Mountain oysters, but you definitely want to research that dish before you try it. No, we Coloradans are not the best at coming up with ‘Colorado food’ other than great steaks and potatoes cooked in every which way. But we do love international food! Yes, there are amazing restaurants from all over the world in Denver and a fair number of international grocery stores as well.

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